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The polymer pallets are becoming increasingly popular everyday because of their superiority over other material and by its distinct advantages.

The salient features of MaxiMaa Polymer Pallets
Is recommended for industries where a clean, hygienic environment is essential like pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals & food processing etc.
Moisture Resistant, no corrosion,
Termite and ant proof.
Does not crack, chip or splinter thus making it cost effective & long lasting, Yet repairable, can be easily cut, shaped, turned or nailed.
Coupitable with most type of handling equipment

Steel Pallet
MaxiMaa also sports a wide range of metal pallets including Compitable box pallets, Wire mesh cage type, Drop bottom pallets and Pallets converter.

MaxiMaa Stainless Steel Pallets
A unique range of Stainless steel pallets for very special application with customized design and dimension are also available .


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